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WHO ARE WE ?We are widely known as the next generation IT entity.


We provide a world grade hardware configuration services that meet everyone needs, just contact us.

Fully Equipped

Equipped with the knowledge, abilities and tools that needed to fulfill IT tasks in a great manner.


Design and implement the solutions of Information and Communications systems, surf to explore them

Cross platforms

As we have the Freeone Space spirit, You don't have any restrictions to choose your preferred platform.


No matter how, what, when and where your needs; We would fulfill it in the adequate manner that will ensure your sanctification..

  • Communication and Networking services
  • Systems administration and configuration
  • Consultations & Business solutions
  • Web design & Hosting
  • Application and Mobile applications development
  • Electrical & Electronic Solutions
  • Security and Surveillance Solutions

OUR FEATURESThe reason why choose us

  • Always available

    We are always available, and also our services, therefore whenever and wherever you're We will be always there for you

  • Documentation

    The documentation that you can rely on it when you receive your work, we believe that every single work would lasts as long as its security does

  • 24/7 Support

    Very responsive professional support that get your back when ever you need

  • Impressive solutions

    Always looking for new and impressive solutions that not only act to fulfill but act to impress and last

  • Easy to use

    Solutions means having everything solved and easy, therefore our products are always simple and easy to use.

  • Security

    We have three business priorities: Security, Performance and Reliability. They are always our top priorities.

WEB DEVELOPMENT PLANSChoose development package



  • One page website
  • Basic hosting
  • Free Domain name
  • Free theme
  • No Support
  • Annually (1 Year fee)



  • Multi-page website
  • Premium Hosting
  • Free Domain name
  • Premium Theme
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 8/5 Support



  • Professional Design
  • Business Hosting
  • Domain name
  • Logo Design
  • Premium theme
  • Annually (1 Year fee)



  • Web Application
  • VIP Hosting
  • Free Domain name
  • Android & iOS Application
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Annually (1 Year fee)

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Delivering solution that meets your requirement

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Hurrah! Cinema Space is here

Freeone Spaceā„¢ have developed their new App; Cinema SpaceĀ© that

Why Freeone Space ?

We love what We do, and always aiming to make this world a better place to live into.

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